about me 

Height: 6"2   |   Weight:  210 lbs.   |   Eye Color: Brown   |  

Hair Color: Brown   |    Shoe:  11.5 



Ozark                                                  Co-Star                            Netflix

The In-Betweeners                             Bouncer                          MTV


Haggling                                           Lead                                B McGinnis Films

Absolution                                        Lead                                Sunscreen Productions

Don’t Worry                                      Lead                                Moses Rings

Last Chance                                      Lead                                LC Productions

Unplanned                                        Lead                                Shipwrecked Since ‘92

Hannah                                              Lead                                Silver Fox Films

World’s Greatest                               Clark                               Blue Bison Media

Salvage                                              John McClane                Helix Media

Faithless                                             John                               Shooter Films

War Cake                                           Officer Walters               Girl Pants Productions

Catching Junior Tate                         Hitman                           2DB Productions

Murder at Frog Pond Drive              Paul                                Matheny Productions LLC

Cake Walk                                          Limo Driver                   Hippo Critics Productions

Lost Connection                               Supporting                     DCI Productions

Out to Kill                                          Steven                            Guest House Films


Atomic Beam Pen

Atomic Beam Lighter

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cold Ease

X-5 Steam Mop


Challenge My Rate



 Training & Workshops 

Andi Matheny Acting Class – Scene study (2011-Currently Attending)

Mask Training w/ Prof. Gavin Hawk - (Currently Attending)

John Parsonson Acting Class – Scene study (2011-2014)

John Peros Commercial Audition Workshop

Dan Wachs Voice Over Workshop

Amir Academy of Mixed Martial Arts- Stage Combat/Fight Training

 Special Skills 

30 years of Fitness Experience/Weight Training, Teleprompter proficient, Southern Accent, Event Planner (17+ yrs), Expert Gun Training, Small Business Owner (20 yrs), Property Manager, Devout Animal Lover

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